Waiting room client can hear me/current client?

Last week one of my clients hopped on to doxy when we did not have a scheduled meeting, while I was meeting with another client.

They were just in the waiting room, and I sent them a chat stating when our next appointment was, never admitted them to a call or anything.

Today they reported to me that when this happened they were able to hear me say something, and heard another person (presumably my client I was talking with) respond! They said they logged off immediately etc, but needless to say I’d be pretty concerned if that can happen. Is there any way this could happen/how to prevent that?

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Once checked in, your client may have heard a “Ding” notification sound of the chat message appearing on their end while in the waiting room.
However, none of the video or audio contents of a video call would be available to anyone other than the participants active within that specific encrypted session.

We take security very seriously, so if you could recall the date and approximate time that this came up - we’ll certainly review our call logs for further information.

Thanks for the reply! I believe this would have happened 11/10/21 around 10am. I could be wrong about this.

It is not very common for me to have another client in the waiting room while on a call if this is information you are able to see and that helps narrow things down .