Waiting Room Help/Tips graphics

Has anyone created any great graphics to add to their Waiting Rooms to guide patients to an improved session?

We have a growing list of tips for patients. I am planning to summarize it all in a graphic, instead of paragraph form. Wondering if anyone has one they are willing to share?


We are doing Telehealth Visits, almost exclusively with Smart Phones. We are seeing issues with 15-20% of our sessions. That’s pretty good, but we want better.

Here are some tips we have found:
-use Wifi (better connection/quality)
-use headphones (stops the clicking effect)
-Avoid motion
-refreshing the browser fixes most issues

I put these into an info-graphic for our waiting rooms. Its not great, rather amateurish. I will make it pretty some other time. Maybe it provides inspiration for others. Feel free to use.


Here are some other Waiting Room tips.

We tested what happens if a patient is watching the How To video in the waiting room, at the same time that our Doc attempts to connect.
…And guess what?
We failed to connect!
…And who is mostly likely to watch the how to video?
I would guess its the Elderly.
…And who are we having the most problems connecting with?
The Elderly.
Well, we removed the How To video from all of our Waiting Rooms. We will see over the coming days if it makes a difference.

And another tip…

We are noticing that when patients are using their smart phones, we can have Audio problems (mostly, we can’t hear the patient), after they have used another app.

We had a patient with a good connection with our MA, then was paused and put back into the Waiting Room. The doc connected a couple of minutes later, and now we can’t hear him. He said that he had received a phone call, while on hold. Other patients have checked the news, instagram, or text messages. We are not sure if there is a correlation yet, or which apps might be affecting it. But it seems that using other apps while holding in the waiting room might be disconnecting their mic or camera.

Anyone else seeing this?

I will probably add a Tip to my infographic to avoid using other apps. And try to get our docs into the rooms faster.

Thanks for your tips, which I put in graphic form. Feel free to use the graphic.

Thanks for sharing! Yours is much nicer than mine.

“Be close to your cuff, meds or thermometer, if available”? Would you explain further about this? What would these do in improving? Thank you for your reply in advance

We are in Primary Care. For BP visits, we want to get an accurate BP reading. If the patient has a cuff at home, we may ask them to take a live reading during our call, so we have more confidence in the value we are told.
For med reconciliation, it is helpful if the patient is near their medications. if they are on a new med from a specialist, they can read it right off the bottle. If the call originates near their meds, we save the time and hassle of having the patient walking around their house.
If the patient has a fever, we may ask them to take a live reading.

All of these tips are shared in our email confirmation as well. And, our schedulers may also be sharing these same tips during the scheduling call.

Not sure if this is really helpful, but we are trying it. I realized that many won’t want these tips, so I also shared a version without it.

I can’t be totally sure since that wasn’t my post but I work in a PT clinic and we advised our patient’s (verbally currently) to wear workout clothes and make sure they have an appropriate space to move in during their appointment. It’s just good to have people be prepared with whatever they need for their appointment before hand, especially if they move slowly or would need to search for equipment, as this could really waste time during their visit.

I’ve been asking patients to close apps running in their background.

I have had a couple of Android users who don’t know how to “refresh” their browser. I made a modification to try to make this more clear. Not sure if it will help, or just confuse people

Thank you, I utilized this for my waiting room. Appreciate it!