Waiting Room link goes to Practitioner Log-In

Hello all,

On several occasions, with different clients, the client will follow the waiting room link (https://doxy.me/me/) only to be shown a log-in area where it seems they need an account (in other words as a practitioner, not as a client). Although this is infrequent it has been very disruptive and I’m curious why this is happening. Has anyone experienced this and/or would know of a fix? Thanks.

Hey there,

Welcome to the community! Thanks for posting.

Is that the waiting room link that shows within your dashboard? I just went to doxy.me/me and it took me to the Patient sign-in. The link you provided in your post definitely takes me to the Provider side sign-in. Removing the / at the end seemed to work.

Thanks, Christine. Yeah, I just discovered this. It was an error on my end, it turns out (mistakenly adding the last forward slash). All good now. :blush:

Great to hear! Post back if you ever need anything else :slight_smile: