Waiting room notification

I usually get an email that client is in the waiting room. Today several times a a client was in the waiting room and I did not get notification

Thank you for posting, @mjmtherapy. From my end, it looks like all notifications were delivered to your address successfully, but five notification emails were not opened between 6:00pm and 7:40pm ET. It does look like the last notification at 7:59pm ET was opened.

I am not seeing anything different on my end about the five unopened notifications. Are you able to check Spam or other categories to see if somehow those five emails ended up somewhere other than your inbox?

I got a text message at 5 am that someone who I don’t know was in my waiting room. Is that the modern day, ring-and-run. Or did they just make a mistake? Is this the purpose of giving clients a password code to enter the room? Will I continue to be awoken early in the morning (oh, my wife loved it and gave me kisses and hugs for waking her up too)?

Thank you for your comment, @drwickpsychologist. I am sorry that you and your wife were awoken by your text notification. I would guess that it was a mistake by the person who checked in to your waiting room. Enabling a room passcode would prevent this issue if you continue to experience it, but I don’t think this mistake would be a common occurrence with a room URL like yours (as compared to someone’s room being /DrSmith or /DrJohnson).

Thanks Cullen. It was probably like a missed call. I just did not know if it was a problem I needed to protect against. Tell your boss that I think you are a great customer service person and s/he should give you a raise. I read some of your other responses to others and they have always been respectful and helpful. Good luck with your raise - they never listen.


I have been having an issue today (and a couple times last week sporadically) with not receiving the text message notification when someone is in my waiting room between 7 minutes and 22 minutes AFTER I have started the call. Has anyone else had this experience recently? Thanks!