Waiting room only for paid patients

Hello, I’m pretty new to Doxyme and I’m quite confuse about the meeting rooms.
I’m working for a clinic and I need to add a “telemedicine” feature to their services, so I found Doxy.me, but there are some problems.
Meeting rooms should only be accessed to paid patients, not every people. The clinic want that patients had paid before accessing the waiting room. How can I do it?
Doctors should login to Doxy just for taking the (scheduled) meetings. They don’t have to worry about creating or changing passwords, creating or scheduling appointments and so on.
Every single appointment should be create programmatically: patients should receive the link ONLY if they have paid (but how do I do this if the link does not change ever?).
Doctors should only be worried about doing their work: they access to their own Doxy.me account, do the meetings and close the browser. The end. No worry about scheduling meetings or receiving payments from their patients. It should be a “clinic centric” software, not a “doctor centric” software
Is Doxy capable to do all these things or did I land on the wrong software?
Thank you!

Hi there!
Thank you for your questions. Doxy.me has a Clinic account that allows for “clinic centric” workflows. This will allow your support staff to be able to collect payments, schedule appointments, complete intake, etc before the patient meets with the provider. Please email our Sales Team (sales@doxy.me) for a demo of our Clinic account!