Waiting Room Privacy

Can clients in the waiting room see the name of the person currently in a session?
Can a client in the waiting room interrupt an ongoing session?

No, you can’t see other patients in the same waiting room. You only see yourself. Only the provider can see the list of people in the room.

doxy just had a PHI violation. While in a session with “bob” , “sally” was waiting. I ran a few minutes late and “sally” used the chat box to text me. “Bob” let me know he could see the “chat with “sally”” chat box. How can I speak to someone at Doxy immediately? I am going in circles with the chat-bot.

Important to tell clients to only use their first name. But nevertheless, this is concerning

were you sharing your screen?

I had a privacy issue with a client: Although I had not yet started a live chat with my client, and I was unable to see my client, I discovered thatmy client could see and hear me.

Nope, it was on his screen. I also finally was able to initiate a chat with a live human at Doxy and we were talking and then she disappeared and no one got back to me. I’ve gone ahead and downgraded my account to the free version. Sigh. I really do usually love Doxy though.

agreed. And I did learn yesterday about the usefulness of refreshing your browser between doxy clients but this was during live session while my 2nd client “waited” in the “waiting room.”

I’ve heard reports that when there is a lag time in connectivity or if the provider side gets hung up, patients can see and hear the provider without the provider knowing it.