Waiting Room Transfer & Camera Access Issues

We use Doxy Clinic for our intake process and have recently noticed some issues when transferring patients between waiting rooms. I tested this mostly in Chrome on a Windows 10 desktop with a Logi webcam. On the patient side when the transfer is made it looks like the web client forces a reload into the new waiting room. When this reload takes place there appears to be some considerable lag with Chrome or Windows releasing and re-acquiring access to the camera. Some times this just causes the page to take a minute for the camera to start working but sometimes it causes camera access error messages to pop-up. Manually refreshing the page usually clears out the issue, but many of our clients get confused at this point and just give up and drop out.

Console Messages:
OpenTok:Publisher:error onStreamAvailableError OT_HARDWARE_UNAVAILABLE: The selected voice or video devices are unavailable. Verify that the chosen devices are not in use by another application. (getUserMedia error: NotReadableError)

OpenTok:Publisher:warn Received connectivity event: “Failure” without “Attempt”

OpenTok:GlobalExceptionHandler:error OT.exception :: title: Unable to Publish (1500) msg: GetUserMedia

@bradcentralbh thanks for reaching out. Our team worked on the transfer feature and we’d like to understand what’s happening to get it fixed! Do you have a few minutes we could jump on a call Calendly - Schuyler Welch or feel free to reach out to me at schuyler@doxy.me