"We can't connect to your camera"

I have run into a problem on my Windows 10 , Surface Laptop. I have granted permission to use the camera in Chrome and in Windows. When I sign into Doxy, it gives me this message “Your camera seems to be in use by another application. Close other applications and restart the browser.” But I can’t find anything that could be using my camera other than the facial recognition that unlocks my computer. And I really do not want to disable that (nor do I know how). There are no other applications running.

Any ideas?


@ssilvers were you able to resolve this? I am having a similar issue. Have closed all applications, uninstalled reinstalled, opened a new browser, changed device settings and performed test diagnostic (which worked successfully), yet am unable to gain camera access in the actual platform

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I am also having this issue…disappointed to see there is no response or fix.

I was abe to update the driver in the camera settings and it worked to activate the camera.

Try updating the driver in your camera settings.

Updated the driver but still to no avail. Went to google settings to allow permissions as well. The issue seems to be isolated to doxy and google configuration. The camera works fine on other platforms (like the test platform preferred via doxy and zoom) but for some strange reason it isn’t providing camera access

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same here. It totally works with other telehealth providers like in Simple practice. Doxy.me does a system check and i can hear and see and speak so mic and video works fine. But it keeps giving me the “Your camera seems to be in use by another application. Close other applications and restart the browser.” error message without an ability to correct.

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I am getting the same message with my surface pro laptop. Anyone been successful in fixing the issue?

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Not very tech savvy. How do you update the driver?

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My friend did it for me and we tried to recreate what we did but weren’t able to. If you do search within your computer you should be able to look at settings for camera. Then under that there should be an option to update drivers.

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Try settings (the little wheel with cogs) then device manager-camera When you hit ‘camera’ it should let you update the drivers. I hope this works.

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I ended up ordering an external camera. Works perfectly. Still unsure of why my built in camera wouldn’t work.

Finally ordered an external camera. That is working perfectly.

I had the same problem and finally disabled the "Surface IR Camera Front"in the Windows 10 Device Manager, and the problem has resolved itself.

Unfortunately, without the IR camera I am unable to use the Windows Hello facial recognition to login now.

Doxy - please fix.

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SUCCESS!!! I am not tech savvy, even tried to terminate my camera app and it wouldn’t work. But I cleared my web history and then presto! My camera was working again. Good Luck Everyone!

SUCCESS (at least for me). After following all recommended steps without success, I finally got mine working in Chrome by going to chrome://settings/privacy, scrolling down and selecting “Advanced,” scrollling all the way down to “Reset and cleanup,” and selecting “restore settings to their original defaults.”

This worked for me as well.