Weekly product update: New Clinic currency settings, improved dashboard help button and more! (May 8, 2020)

I’m back with yet another doxy.me development team product update. This week, we can announce some new and improved clinic settings, as well as a redesign of our dashboard help button links that will streamline support requests, getting our users the help they need faster and more effectively.

Clinic Stripe settings

Clinic Admins can now decide whether payments processed in their Clinic are connected to a single Stripe account. This is enabled by default, but Admins can change this by going to Account Settings —> Clinic Settings —> Toggle Features:

  • When this feature is turned on, all payments are processed via the Clinic Owner’s Stripe account, which only the owner can manage.
  • When it is turned off, all payments will be processed via the Stripe account of the individual provider requesting the payment.
  • How to link your Stripe account to your doxy.me account

Easier managing of Shared Room settings

In mid-April we announced that Clinic Admins could now set a passcode or add a Custom Terms of Service to shared waiting rooms. We have now made that process even easier by adding the option to do it right from the Shared Room creation window:

Dashboard help button

Premium and free users now have their own dedicated support options from the dashboard help menu, rather than having both options present on premium users’ accounts. This ensures our paying customers are directed to the channels that specifically address their concerns and that they are routed to the appropriate team once we receive their request. The change will also benefit free users, as their support option will no longer also have to be catered to premium users. The support paths have also been renamed to more accurately reflect their purpose:

Premium users’ dashboard help menu

Free users’ dashboard help menu

Safari notifications tab

Some users in Safari have been finding a blank page when trying to access the notifications tab in their Account Settings. We’ve fixed this issue, and nobody should be experiencing this anymore.


We mean it when we say the feedback of our users is a vital part of our process, so please be sure to head to the Feature Requests Forum and let our developers know what you’d like to see next. Even if somebody has already made the suggestion - more likes or replies to those posts influences how we prioritize things. So keep it coming!

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When will we have the ability to use virtual backgrounds?

@chrisbtherapy we don’t have it on the roadmap yet, but you can use Doxy.me in conjunction with something like https://manycam.com/ to do this!