Welcome to the Doxy.me Community Forum!


We envision this forum as a place where doxy.me users can interact and share ideas with one another, in the process improving their own experience and showing us ways we can make the platform even better. It is also a way for doxy.me staff to and users to communicate regarding product updates and ideas for new features. Here are some tips regarding navigating and posting to the forum:

  • Use the navigation menu at the top of the main page to quickly find new posts and replies. Here you can choose to view: categories; recent posts; posts generating lots of discussion; new and unread content; your own posts; or comments which you have saved to reference later. It looks like this:

  • You can stay updated and participate even if you don’t log in everyday. We have designed more than a dozen categories and subcategories with unique themes; by subscribing to individual categories, you can choose to get email alerts when users post content relevant to you. You can even reply to those posts via email! Just click on the notifications icon in the top-right corner of the category page: image

  • And finally, let us know if you have any questions. This community forum is going to play a bigger role in interactions between doxy.me team members and users going forward, as well as be a place for users to interact with one another. So it is important that this be a tool you want to use.

We’re looking forward to the future, not only of this forum but of doxy.me as a whole!

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