What do you think of the NEW doxy.me patient guide?

We want to make sure providers have the resources to set themselves and their patients up to have a good call. We have designed this new patient flyer for you to distribute to your patients ahead of their telemedicine appointments, and would love to hear your feedback.

Does it highlight the important info? Is the language simple, or too technical? Is a patient flyer useful to you and your patients?

Let us know your thoughts!


Seems good and not too technical. Can some of this be notified in real time? For example, outdated browsers accessing Doxy.me?


Looks great. Thanks!


Looks good to me. and would be helpful to send to patients. I had stopped using Safari last year on doxy.me’s advice. Are the uses Safari fixed?

I know we can do this for providers, and have done so in certain cases. I don’t know if we can with patients, but I will forward your suggestion, because if it’s possible then it sounds like a great idea. Thanks for your feedback!

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You should be fine using Safari, as long as you make sure you are using the newest version (Safari 85).

looks good. like the step by step guide


would this be somewhere the patient could easily get access to or would we have to send it to the patient ourselves Victoria

Victoria, the flyer will be available for patients in the Help Center. We are also working on a way to include the flyer as an optional link/attachment that providers can send out through doxy.me invites. Providers will also have the option to download the flyer and forward it to their patients.


Do you have a location in mind that would make it accessible to your patients?

Professional subscribers or clinic members can also upload it to their waiting room.

Really like this. I hope it can be a part of the Log in process for patients.

Can you inform me how to transfer the new patient Flyer into “My Waiting Room”??

This looks good. Is there a way to address or mention front/back facing cameras? We have many patients sign on with their back facing camera and it is difficult to step them through how to switch to the front facing camera when in the doxy call. Thanks!

Hi Paula, here’s what you should do:

  1. Download the document above by right-clicking on it
  2. Go to your dashboard and click on “edit waiting room”

Screenshot 2021-02-26 at 21.39.37

  1. Click on the plus sign to upload a document, and select “image”

Screenshot 2021-02-26 at 21.42.29

  1. Find the document and add it to your waiting room

Hope this helps!

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Looks great! In addition to these basics, I would love to see:

(1) Encouraging clients to use ethernet rather than wifi for optimal quality (if they have it).
(2) Encouraging clients to close out of email and close out of all unnecessary online windows, again for optimal quality.


It looks great and I would add 2 items.

  1. After the pre-call test, refresh your connection. (There seems to be a glitch post testing)
  2. Coach them how to check their speaker output. My number 1 problem is that the client can’t hear me, but I can hear them
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I like the idea of providers being able to download the flyer and send to patients. I think that bring better compliance if something comes directly from me.

Great suggestions Rachael, those topics are addressed under the Tips for a Great Call section (bullets 2 & 5), but perhaps we can make those more clear or prominent.

Looks good and straightforward. Agree with having the troubleshooting area more prominent. Any way when we download it for our own use we could put in our doxy id? I’d like to include this sheet in my introductory paperwork which I send before the first meeting with the client.

We do try to keep up with the latest browser versions and can update the flyer as they change. If you ever want to see if you are up to date (or a patient) this little link is very useful: www.whatismybrowser.com