What do you want us to know about doxy.me?

A place to share feedback that does not quite fit in the other question threads.

It would be nice if when a patient disconnects, he would also disappear from the patient queue instead of just stay there. Also, if the “send the person a message” popup would go away when the patient is disconnected.

Another idea. When you change the patient image to picture-in-picture mode, the background goes black. This is nice when there is plenty of light in the room, but if you could choose to have a white background, the screen could serve as a soft box to light the face of the speaker. Just an idea.

Another thing. It would be nice if all text notifications came from the same number so they could all be deleted at once instead of clogging up my inbox.

I have experienced sound interference several times with multiple patience over several weeks now with this website. I have replaced my router and have a brand new computer, so I know it’s not on my end. The crunching and crackling noises make it impossible to have a productive session.

When I invite a patient to the Doxy appointment via a text (SMS) message option on the Dashboard, it sends the text “Hello, this is XXXX - join me for a secure video meeting…”

The text appears to be coming directly from me and does not have a notification that replies are not received or monitored. I have patients who think that they are messaging me back when they reply - “I’m running late”, “I need to cancel.” etc but their replies seem to go “into the void.” They do not get an error message either, so they think their text reply was transmitted successfully to us.

I’m also concerned that a patient will also use this text message number later to try to contact me instead of calling my office directly, and this could delay them getting care in an urgent situation. This is a big safety concern!

Please fix this!!! Either have our clinic number show up when texting from the dashboard or have an auto-reply with instructions that this number is not monitored and they should contact their provider or clinic directly.

Concerning the text notifications coming from different numbers (I assume waynesilver is referring to the notifications that a client has entered the waiting room, which are the ones I’ve elected to receive), I was told by support that it’s designed this way to protect client PHI. This doesn’t make sense to me however, as the message is from Doxy to me, so the phone number is not an issue of PHI – and ironically the messages themselves CAN contain PHI (ie, when clients enter their full name). The different numbers seem to be trying to solve a problem that doesn’t quite exist in this context by creating a different problem (multiple texts from multiple numbers that I need to delete).

When sending out invitations to clients anonymize email addresses to reflect doxy and be sure to ONLY USE DEFAULT EMAIL ADDRESS provided by the clinician.

My first invitation got sent out by Doxy autopopulating from an employer based email that I have never given out to another person or entity, as it is strictly for internal communications from the company I work with.

My client received an email using the address from this other company and then replied to it, and the email thread appeared in my company based email system. This is a major security breach for all of us. I could get fired for my internal email address being used for outside communications and the client could sue for having client’s email address and identity shared with an unrelated company.



I have been with doxy.me since mid-March when my practice started working from home. I appreciate many of the features of this platform and decided to continue to use it even when the majority of my practice switched to Zoom for Healthcare in October. Many of us, myself included, prefer the clarity and stability of Zoom, and others became impatient with the many glitches your platform often has during our sessions with clients.

My question is why doxy.me is unable to achieve the same quality of connection, clarity and stability that Zoom has been able to achieve? It seems possible given another platform is able to do it.

Thank you,

Lauri Lehn, Ph.D.