What do you want us to know about doxy.me?

A place to share feedback that does not quite fit in the other question threads.

It would be nice if when a patient disconnects, he would also disappear from the patient queue instead of just stay there. Also, if the “send the person a message” popup would go away when the patient is disconnected.

Another idea. When you change the patient image to picture-in-picture mode, the background goes black. This is nice when there is plenty of light in the room, but if you could choose to have a white background, the screen could serve as a soft box to light the face of the speaker. Just an idea.

Another thing. It would be nice if all text notifications came from the same number so they could all be deleted at once instead of clogging up my inbox.

I have experienced sound interference several times with multiple patience over several weeks now with this website. I have replaced my router and have a brand new computer, so I know it’s not on my end. The crunching and crackling noises make it impossible to have a productive session.