What do your patients/clients think about your doxy.me consultations?

What have your patients told you about their experience with telehealth? What do they like about virtual consultations via doxy.me, and how could it be better?

They generally love it.
I’m using Telemedicine everyday now to counsel family members and update them on their loved ones who are in hospital. The relatives find it most convenient and they are appreciative.
It also sure beats having to find the time to meet up with them in person!

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We modified our patient satisfaction survey. After we had collected feedback from more than 150 telehealth patients, I did a quick analysis (completed during mid-April). Here were some of my findings for our clinic:
Almost 2/3 of our patients used iPhones, almost 1/3 used Android phones, and a small number used computers.
68% of iPhone users reported no technical problems, 50% of Android users had no technical problems.
25% of iPhone users were able to fix their technical issue, 37% of Android users fixed their issue. Less than 10% of our users had to resort to Facetime, Android Duo, or something else.
What was most interesting in our survey was the very high patient satisfaction, regardless of the technical issues. Technical issues did not have an effect on the patient satisfaction, with very high satisfaction across the board. Patients were very grateful for the Telehealth option, every response would want to use this option again.
I am not claiming our experience will be universal. And yes, this is a small sample size, patients are self reporting and self selecting.
I added a Feature Request for Doxy to track this information, and for clinics to be able to download for better analysis. Meeting History improvements

My clients are appreciative of using HIPPA approved video conferencing but not happy about using Doxyme. Lots of issues with video freezing and video delay. Not sure if I will continue using this service. Also non existence customer service, chat bot is horrible can’t move past it.