What doesn't work like it should?

What seems like a bug, or a flaw in the interface? Let us know about unexpected problems you encounter using doxy.me, or things that just don’t seem quite right.

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I need to speak to a doxy assistant. I have struggled and ended up paying for 2 months and never being able to speak to an assistant… HELP!?
I had a free service and the video quality was poor. But my patient and I could connect.
I upgraded to a professional account and about 50% of the time the quality was great. A significant amount of the time my patient was unable to hear me? I tried all of the usual tips etc that you recommend. Nothing helped.
I have not changed anything on my computer but again have a free account. Again the service works every time but with very poor quality video.
I want to have a paid professional service but I need for the connection to work every time? How would I fix that?
I also need to speak with an agent because I have several questions for a virtual clinic application.
Thank you!
Julie https://doxy.me/counsellingonline

Is there a way to make it easier for iphone and ipad users to flip the camera? A good handful of my clientele have become very frustrated trying to flip it. Or when they flip the camera, it ultimately cuts off the video or will not load. I understand that is a connectivity issue on their end, but perhaps making it a little bit easier to access, while in the waiting room can help?

I also have a lot of difficulty when providing services to clients who are using iPads, especially using the Safari browser.

Also- sometimes people have a difficult time noticing that they received a chat notification. Might be helpful to increase the noticeability of this, such as changing the color/blinking,etc. when a message is received? It is just important for troubleshooting.

I have switched to another telehealth program for most of my patients because doxy.me is so unreliable. There is nothing worse than being disconnected mid-session. This happened so often last week that I made the decision to switch. I still use doxy.me for a couple of my patient because they are used to it but eventually I will have them switch to the new platform also.

By the way, I have the upgraded service and pay $35.00 a month. I really do not see that i get anything for my money so will go back to the free version.

We find that the provider sends the patient the link for waiting room. The patient clicks the link and gets to a waiting room but the provider cannot see the patient is in the waiting room

Also if a patient gets a text message during a call it seems to affect the call stability

Are there any guidelines about the bandwidth patients need to have for a successful call

I am having problems connecting to a couple who are on two separate laptop computers. First person connects fine but second one has problems with sound. Video works for all three. Tried restarting and tried syncing. Has not worked. Very frustrating

I’d be happy to help you troubleshoot. Most users are reporting great succese right now. You can message me at David@doxy.me and send me the results of your test if you are having issues: networktest.doxy.me

We should be able to find out quickly why you are having issues and get things working for you!

We are certainly working on this feature! Currently there are some hurdles in how iphone programs camera devices in the web browser’s camera access that we are working hard to address!

Please send me an email with this diagnostic test that will help us determine the problem.

Patients sometimes disappear from my display while in the waiting room. Reloading my browser sometimes helps, but not always.

I had 6 doxy.me sessions today. None of them worked smoothly. Two were so lousy that we used the sticky video for visuals and talked over the phone. My clients and I refreshed or restarted multiple times. It’s unprofessional to say the least, and I’m chagrined that I’m paying for this lousy service. Zoom calls, which aren’t HIPAA compliant, are a thousand times more fluent. What is the problem with doxy? I’m about to look for an alternative, and regretting that I signed up for a year. Let’s hope tomorrow is better. This is by far the worst day I’ve had with client connections, but I’ve yet to have a seamless day of online sessions. Please tell me that you’re going to get this under control in the very near future!

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