What doesn't work like it should?

Lots of DOXY failures for me in the past wee. I have discovered, through no help from DOXY by the way, that if a client is using Firefox I cannot connect with them. They see and hear me but I can’t see or hear them. When they switch to Chrome it seems to work.
I am using Safari.
I’m not sure if this is going to hold up, but it seems to work so far.
I like DOXY because it is so easy. But if it doesn’t work, I’ll have to change

Hi, I was using Doxy.me without problems for months but for the past two weeks my clients cannot hear or see me (I can see and hear them fine). I was using Firefox but I have tried Chrome and Microsoft Edge and have had the same issues in those browsers as well.

Lots of Problems with doxy this week, and some last week. Dropping calls. Non synchronized audio and video. Audio and video dropping out. It is almost unusable this way. Not a good way to have a very emotional and personal conversation. Problems with various browsers.

Hi, I had troubles with group calls this week. Every time I tried to add a new patient, the other patient already in a chat would be kicked off. I also tried “joining call” as another option, but still no luck. Both patients tried signing off and on again–with no success joining the two in a group call.

I’m also having issues with video during the session. A popup appears stating the connection is poor and to consider only using audio. Isn’t that why I’m using doxyme to have interactive video/audio? Also the video feed pixelates during the call. There really isn’t any customer service, I have been in contact with Lauren but she just keep asking me questions. Is my computer plugged in, am I close to the router, etc. OMG it never ends.

I am really disappointed in the group call feature. It is useless for me for sessions with a couple or family because one person’s image is full screen, and the other person’s image is postage stamp size. Until recently Doxy had an instructional video on how to do a group call, and that video showed a gallery view, with each caller’s image in a box that was equal size. False advertising. When I actually used the group call feature, I had the one person full screen and the other person tiny. And now I see Doxy has changed the instructional video to represent this view. When I asked in chat about changing the view, I was told Doxy was “working on it”. Why is this a difficult feature to offer?

We will be releasing gallery view tomorrow! Ask support@doxy.me for beta access. Please let us know about any improvements/suggestions on this thread: Gallery View Beta

This is good news! I will give it a try. Thank you.

Our team has had significant unpredictable inaudible calls regularly since early Dec 2020. It is deeply frustrating to see the status page listed as all systems operational when this severely disruptive issue has persisted for so long. This message from the support line is inaccurate, “Audio distortions first two minutes of a call? FIXED: Patients and providers must update Safari to most recent version!” This issue is not unique to Mac OS as we are having the same crackling issues when both my client and myself are using Windows OS. We are, indeed, paying for the service but needing to mute doxy.me and use the telephone for audio regularly for over a month now.
Doxy.me staff, are you working on resolving this, or should we assume this is the way things will be on your platform from here forward?

Sound like this could be a broadband issue, Melissa? (I am a different Lauren not affiliated with doxy.me, but have been practicing on this platform for a few years).
Maybe try going to speedtest.net to check your upload and download speed. My understanding is that doxy.me needs 30mbps up and download to function properly. Also, trying restarting your device before making a call to ensure that no other application is overriding doxy.me’s accessing the audio or video.

Everything drlauren is saying has also been happening with our 50+ clinician practice. Contacted support on December 16th, followed up on December 17th, never got a response. My chat/ticket auto-closed itself without anyone every getting back to me. I don’t understand why doxy can’t acknowledge this issue. Something happened mid december, if you look at the API response time, on December 12th it jumped to 4X what it had been historically. I think this may be related.

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I thought audio and video packages were peer to peer. Would API effect this?

Not 100% but I believe the API does effect the initial grabbing of the client from the waiting room and may have some impact on the time it takes for calls the reconnect if there is a drop in call. Not sure if it would directly effect audio quality / distortion. All of our Providers have been having issues since mid December and it seems like an odd coincidence that this would correspond with a 4X jump in latency in this metric.

I noticed that I get a small photo of my client as they’re checking in. My clients aren’t asked or informed about this photo being taken. That makes me very uncomfortable. I would never take a photo of my client in general, especially without asking. It should be optional if they have their photo taken. I’m going to see them very shortly after they check in and will know if it’s them or not. It’s a “feature” that shouldn’t be. Other things: Is there a way to have the self view disabled on a cell phone? I find that when my clients are on cell phones, the sound gets strange - either the client can’t hear me, particularly after they have gotten a text or call during our meeting, or I sound like I’m under water and need to go in and out of the app several times before it corrects itself. The doxybot that is the first contact on the main website is not helpful at all. I wasn’t able to find any place to write an issue until I clicked on the community. It’s not helpful at all for clients if they’re struggling with any issues.

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Recently I’ve been having a big issue with the sound on the patient’s end coming out of their “phone” speaker instead of their “speaker” speaker. That is, they have to hold the phone right up to their ear in order to hear me as though they were on a phone call, rather than the sound coming out of the regular speaker like it should. This used to only happen occasionally, but it’s becoming such a big problem now and I don’t know how to fix it. One time it fixed itself after a few minutes on the call without doing anything, but the rest of the time it has persisted the duration of the call. Occasionally it happens on my end as well, where I can barely hear the patient. This can happen with the first connection to the patient, or it can happen when the patient has been placed on hold/back in the waiting room and the call picked up again, even when the initial call audio came out of the speaker correctly. How does doxy decide which speaker to use as the audio output? Any way to fix this? Thanks!

Not sure if this is the right place for a bug report. The bug: after I’ve triggered the payment interface and the client completes the credit card transaction, on my side, the main video window remains frozen, and the stream continues in the small inset thumbnail window.

Sorry if this is unclear. Put another way: when I trigger the payment interface, the (normal correct behavior) main video window freezes with the modal dialog overlay for the payment, and the video feed from the client becomes a thumbnail under my own in the upper right; but when the client completes the transaction and the modal dialog overlay dismisses, the video doesn’t revert to unfreezing and dismissing the remote thumbnail.

I’m on a Mac running 10.15.7 using Firefox 88.0.1.

Hi, We did discover this as well, and we have pushed a fix for this so it should not occur anymore. The short term fix is to click the gear icon, then resync the call and the video should function properly again.

Fix works great! Thanks!

New… maybe bug? Same set-up (Mac running 10.15.7 using Firefox 88.0.1). In session, when I mouse over my thumbnail, as has long been the case, the thumbnail changes so that I see a wider field of view on my camera than when the mouse pointer isn’t over it. That’s kind of a bug I think, but more importantly, the behavior has changed recently: when I mouse over and the field of view represented in the thumbnail expands, it’s way WAY bigger than it used to be, showing way more of my background.

I’m practicing from within my home, and I’d like to know how much of my space my clients are actually seeing, and what is/is not on camera! It would be great if the thumbnail represented that to me, and also: did doxy just change to send a much wider angle video? Or was it sending that much all along?

Thanks for the feedback on the little camera preview layout not showing like it used to, when you scroll over it should show you the HD version of sorts, the wider view. To test what a patient sees you could simply have one window open as the provider and another browser tab as the patient, then you can see the patient view as well. be sure to mute the mic or you may get some loud feedback.

Every time a client gets a text or random call, they lose audio with me. We will have to refresh the page and check in again. Or, some client gets inpatient and check in back and forth multiple times. I then have many of the same person in the room and also in queue. I am not able to start video with neither of them. Suggestions?