When to send patients the link

I plan on using email to send patients the link to their telehealth appointment. Do you suggest sending patients the link when the appointment is scheduled, the morning of their appointment, or right before their appointment (e.g., 5 minutes before)?

Looking forward to other answers on this. We are about to start scheduling appointments and plan to create a scheduled email for arrival to the patient’s inbox about 15 minutes before the appointment time.
My opinion is that when the link is sent, I would expect the patient to click on it to see what will happen, potentially causing patients to be in the waiting room much earlier than they should or causing confusion for the other providers who may or may not be hosting telemedicine visits at that particular time.

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today was our first virtual visit and it took over 15-20 minutes for the patient to receive the email which we were not expecting. We did not have this issue when practicing the day before. We are now trying to revise our protocol to determine best fix. We are considering having MA send emails for the day, first thing in the morning. Trial and error at this point!

We have been using doxy for over a week now and we haven’t had any major issues so far. We have actually been using the patient portal to send the link to the patients and there doesn’t seem to be any delay with sending the message and the patient receiving it. The MAs have been sending the link while on the phone with the patient after going through the initial interview. This seems to be the better option, a lot of patients need to be walked through the process and need help with a bit of troubleshooting. We’ve noticed a couple of little things that may be helpful, laptops/desktops the patients need to use google chrome. On the iPhone safari works but if the patient is talking on the phone while trying to check in, the camera and microphone will be blocked. If we hang up with them and they refresh the page, recheck in, the camera and microphone work just fine. I hope this helps!

Thank you. Today the emails went through fine, so not sure what happened yesterday.