Where did the Day Pass option go?

I use the free version of Doxy.me and have been SO GRATEFUL for this service. Previously, I’ve had an option in the Account section of my profile to upgrade to the Pro version for 24-hours, which I use on the rare occasion I need a group call. I went in today to buy that pass and am not seeing a button to purchase this anywhere. I’ve done google searches and looked in the community pages to see if there’s any indication that this option has been removed (or moved to where I can’t find it).

Anyone know anything? Many thanks, Maryfrances

Thank you for posting, @maryfrancesporter. The Day Pass upgrade should be available on the Upgrade page found on the sidebar. It will show at the bottom of the Free or Current plan section.

I don’t know how I missed that! Especially since that’s always been where it is! My brain must have glitched. Thank you!