Which premium features do you use most? What makes them work for you, and how could they be better?

Let us know a bit about how you use these features, and anything you wish was a bit different about them. Let us know your specialty too!

I find the SMS notifications very handy. They are instant compare with email notficiations.
Inviting patients via SMS would be more useful if we could have some way to edit the message (with a character limit of course)

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I am a pediatric occupational therapist. I use screen sharing a lot. I wish there was a way to give the child control of the screen to complete games or worksheets. I have found a work around of them opening a separate tab, and then sharing their screen with me…but this does not work on some smaller devices, and I cannot use the screen to demonstrate things to them. It would also be fun with kids to have the virtual background option. Thanks!!


Hi, and thank you for your response, really! That workaround is great, and not one I’ve had anybody suggest to me before. It’s the exact sort of thing we hope this forum can produce.

I understand your solution isn’t great in all situations, and something more permanent and built-in would be better. We definitely plan on rolling out more interactive features in the future, including with the screenshare tool. We will get there! In the meantime, thank you so much for your feedback!

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I regularly need to provide printed information to patients regarding a medical condition or a proposed procedure. Right now the only way I can accomplish this task is by sending the patient an email message using a web based browser or outlook because the pdf files or links cannot be stored and sent directly from my doxy account. A really nice upgrade would include a user’s ability to store a limited number of pdf documents or URL links that can be sent to the patient via email without having to leave the doxy application.

Sorry if I’m misunderstanding, but is there a reason the file transfer tool and patient chat box (for the links) aren’t enough?

Actually Adam I have a very good reason for my request. When I send a file to a patient using the file transfer feature, the recipient often experiences difficulty figuring out how to handle the file and where to find it. Keep in mind that we physicians must often deal with older patients who can barely turn on a phone or laptop no less managing an incoming file. Furthermore the file that is transferred (downloaded) often disappears upon conclusion of the call. If we had an email feature within doxy to transfer information (eg. Pre procedure instructions, Info on a procedure, etc.) the file would stay in the recipient’s inbox and would not disappear after the call has concluded. Furthermore the patient could more easily share that information with friends or family if he/she needs assistance understanding that information. If the doxy file transfer feature is more functional than what I am describing, perhaps I just need more instruction on its use. Overall however I would still prefer a way to get information to a patient’s email inbox.

Thank you.

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I am a pediatric Speech Language Pathologist and wish there was a way to share a remote and annotation. It would allow the session to be interactive , to working on turn-taking, to allow for demonstration…increase learning. Thank you!