Whiteboard access

I was also wondering if doxy.me will soon have the possibility of not only sharing my screen but allowing my client to make selections from their computer ~ like an interactive whiteboard?


I really need this feature as well

yes, this would be a very good feature to add.

I figured out a way to do this. If you have OneNote installed you can have it open in the background. Then when you need a whiteboard you can share your screen then switch to OneNote and there you have it.
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Here is an article about how to create an interactive OneNote whiteboard: https://www.lovemysurface.net/onenote-as-a-virtual-whiteboard/

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One more option if you have an office 365 account is to use the white board in that account. It seems to work better on the office.com app than in the windows store app.

Thanks for the great ideas. I do use one note and share my screen but I work with kids and I’m not sure they will understand the ability to edit … I’m not sure I understand it! I’ll read the article again.

THANK YOU for this tip!!! I just tried it out and it works great!

I would love whiteboard access!

I don’t use microsoft products often enough to be familiar, but I find the google jamboard app works really well. Just share it with your client and away you go. I also like having it open on my tablet while in video session on my laptop - it feels like I am at a table and just have a piece of paper or an actual whiteboard where my student and I work - separate from the same gaze direction when I look at their face.

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thanks, I’ll check it out.

Can the client write on it too?

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yes, absolutely… Just ‘share’ the google jam with the client, same as you would ‘share’ a google doc with someone you were collaborating with or helping to edit.

Yes. I didn’t even think of that. That could be useful.

A whiteboard that allows both patient and provider to collaborate would be most helpful. It sounds like some of these options require patients to download separate apps, which isn’t always easy.

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Yes, I need this feature, too! Thank you!

I agree. Whiteboard function built into doxy.me is of high demand. I have tried using downloadable versions which also require the patient to download it and then share my screen but it is inefficient and not all my patients can download the programs.


With schools reopening, we are going to be needing more child-friendly help from doxy.me–I think this feature needs to be a higher priority, especially as therapists accustomed to using screensharing on zoom with kids are looking for platforms that support HIPAA compliance.


I need this feature. Any chance it will still be part of doxy?

Yes, any chance? I need it also!

Thank you All for requesting White Board feature. I am here to assure you that Doxy.me is working on a solution to enable providers to interact with patients in a more engaging way.

While we are building the solution could you answer the following questions? The answers will help us to build the best possible solution.

  1. What type of service do you provide and who are your patients who might need a White Board?
    e.g. Therapist working with school children.
  2. What are major jobs do you and your patients need to be done with White Board?
    e.g. Drawing with color pens, uploading images, adding emojis
  3. Have you tried some alternative solutions to realize these needs?
    e.g. Share a link with a patient via Doxy.me chat to free Miro board