Why can’t Doxy get their act together?

Close to worthless. I have been using Doxy for about a year now and often have to move to a backup connection to complete patient meetings. Dropped calls, frozen calls, choppy sound, chronic problems w incompatibility between Doxy and Apple products (that shut down Doxy for over a day with the last Apple update) and various other issues have me considering other portal options.


It’s basically useless.

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Hello Robert, Thanks for making your voice heard. Have you tried contacting our team about this issue? We have a call center and dedicated chat support team ready to assist. Some of the symptoms you described may be related to firewall issues as dropped calls and choppy video relate to network factors. Doxy.me doesn’t have a server that hosts your calls, instead they are routed directly between you and the patient! Please reach out to our team by clicking the help button in the bottom right corner of the screen!

Thanks. I’m pretty tech savvy … I have also worked with Doxy twice on these issues. Have recently tried out HIPAA compliant ZOOM with no problems. I think there is an issue intrinsic to Doxy compatibility w different (common) devises.

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Are you all using the free version or are you paying for it and still having the problems?

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I pay for the pro or upgraded version.

Hi, I’ve used Doxy for about eighteen months, with very few problems, far fewer than I’ve had with Zoom. When I updated my Mac I realised that the few quality issues I had were related to my computer and not Doxy itself. I use it with most of my patients and have clear and uninterrupted calls at least 98% of the time.