Why pay for bad service?

If the performance and customer service is so poor, after reviewing these discussion boards, why are we paying for this Doxy.me platform?

We have 700,000 registered users. A few of them vent about their problems on this forum, and you decide those are the only ones whose opinions matter? I think the many, many more who are happy with the service they are getting are more telling.

You’ve been a customer for two months, and never wrote to us before an hour ago. And in that conversation, you were sent a help article and didn’t answer the follow-up question of whether the article helped. So what do you mean when you say poor customer service?

Actually, I did respond to the article by using the “frown” emoji twice, which did not register either time. Perhaps, I am incompetent but the site is nonetheless complicated.
I’ve been a member for two months, but haven’t been using Doxy.me for the last few weeks because every time I did, the static and connection problems led me to switch to telephone anyway.
I’m happy others are able to use it, but saw on the discussion groups the same connection problems without any resolution by staff.
Thank you for your prompt attention.

We have advice in our help center and this forum on how to improve your Internet connection, and on how to make sure you’re using up-to-date hardware and software. If you wrote us via the help channel, we’d be happy to share it with you there too.

If you are consistently having connection issues, it is most likely because you have a weak or unstable Internet connection, or are running outdated hardware or software. You went to this help article and seconds later indicated that the article did not help. Am I to understand that you tried all the steps listed in that article in a few seconds?

PS - You gave a negative reaction on the help article itself, but you didn’t actually respond in the chat.

Hello Adam -

You can say “Hey Boomer” if you like, but the fact is that for many of us who are older (don’t know that this applies to original questioner), using this kind of technology is not our “native language”. I have experienced frustration with some responses to technical/use questions that I have posed to doxy in the past. I was referred to articles that indicated that responder didn’t seem to have read or understood my problem; the articles were about something different entirely. (And I never did get a response that solved my problem.)

As in your response to the original questioner, doxy often seems to have a “blame the user” attitude. In my experience, giving rude, defensive, sarcastic, scolding, and/or discounting responses (all present in your responses to the original questioner) to people’s concerns does not build positive relationships! (It’s also not OK to to share information with other readers about a customer, from your history of our contacts with doxy.)

Adam, I hope that you and other doxy staff will remember that your job is to help customers, not berate them. From the pictures displayed, you all appear to be quite young. I’m glad that we have smart “young’uns” coming up to respond to the world that is “becoming”. While it’s “your world”, which I probably will inhabit for less than a couple decades more, Kindness is still important, including in customer service.

I just joined the User Community today, trying to find answers to questions/problems I have been having. (And I learned some things.) I noticed that others have questions or concerns about similar issues. Sometimes other users have some answers. On many topics, I found lots of questions, but no solutions. I’m not sure what the criteria are for doxy staff to jump in with a solution or response. It’s often helpful when you do.

Thank you for “listening”. I may never respond or send a question in the future, but felt the need to respond now. Part of my response, no doubt, is from my own frustrations of trying to get this platform to work for me, and not really getting solutions from doxy. I want doxy to work for me and others. Please know, however, that my feedback is given in the spirit of furthering kind and civil communication, as we try to help each other.

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I agree with you completely. I try to come on this forum as much as I can to keep up to date, and most of the time Doxy will always say it has nothing to do with their platform. I understand that there is just not enough bandwidth to support the high traffic of everyone online these days due to COVID-19, but there are just certain issues a lot of us have been dealing with even with good internet connection and the most up to date devices. For the most part, I try to be patient and understanding, but if I got response like Adam had posted, I would find that tone and attitude unacceptable. Especially, how personal data was posted about how the user tried to troubleshoot. You might not know the entire situation and circumstances, so to judge like that is unacceptable from a customer service standpoint.

This is about a user who had basically no interactions with support, complaining about bad service. A user who declared an article they didn’t actually try to apply to be unhelpful. You could have picked a better time to try and make this point. Other people browse this forum and deserve to know that this user’s complaints were based on nothing.

When you make a call, it is not travelling through our servers. This is simply a fact. The only advice we can offer is on how you can improve your Internet connection. Some users seem to think there is a magic switch we can hit to fix this problem for them, as if we are making a decision to have them experience connection issues. We’re here to help anyway we can. But “anyway we can” is an important part of that sentence.

Describe the specifics of your problem, rather than make vague complaints though. You say we might not know the whole circumstance - the person who started this thread made no attempt to describe them, and didn’t ask for help.

700,000 users, basically all of them happy with the platform. A tiny, tiny number of them experience the issues you’re alluding to. We want to help those users, but that doesn’t mean we have the ability to snap our fingers and have everything work perfectly for them. Don’t let the echo chamber a few users create for themselves on this forum trick you into thinking this is not true.

PS - You’ll get better answers from doxy.me staff via the help button on your dashboard. Then your conversation will be directed to people most able to address it. This forum is not meant to be a replacement for that support channel. We answer some simple things here, but it’s not a good medium for back-and-forth troubleshooting.

Hi Adam,
I apologize for not meeting Doxy.me’s technical requirements and have cancelled my subscription.
Thank you for your prompt and expert response.

You should not apologize. But perhaps if you ever made a genuine attempt to seek our help, our advice would have solved your problem. I guess we’ll never know. I hope you’ll give the platform a real chance in the future. You never responded to the question about giving a negative reaction to an article mere seconds after opening it.

But just because you have a paid subscription does not mean your insincere comments above should be left unchallenged, which is what you seem to me to be implying.

I’m going to lock this thread now. As explained elsewhere, this isn’t a place for people to vent, it’s a place for people seeking advice. You at no point have actually been doing that.