With recent iOS update, iPhone users can't connect

Hi, since Monday (Dec 06, 2021) I have noticed iPhone users have not been able to connect to the video call. They can log in, but when I start the call, it just hangs at the “finalizing call” loading screen.

One client switched to Chrome on her Mac, and that worked. Two clients attempted my suggestion to download and use Chrome on their iPhone, but that did not work (same problem). I had to just use a telephone for our sessions.

Since two of these clients have been using those same iPhones for our video calls over the last many months without issue, I assume this has to do with a recent iOS update. I noticed they are using Safari 15.

Could doxy.me please do something about this ASAP.

Thank you for posting, @katana. We are aware of issues with Safari 15 and have some additional information on our status page. If the workarounds listed there don’t work, please reach out to our support team via chat from the Help button on the bottom right of your dashboard or via email to support@doxy.me. Please include the dates and times of the impacted calls to help us troubleshoot.

Thank you for that link, I had tried searching for the information to no avail. Looking at your workarounds, the suggestion of using Chrome has already been tried and did not work. I see that that update was on Dec 7, but it did not work for my client on Weds Dec 8. I guess we can try Firefox next time. I have also been in contact with the support team with specific dates and times. Thank you.

yes been having trouble even with chrome. recently a problem with the pink elephant showing up and pt not being able to get on even though she did the trial. Someone told me last year how to get rid of the elephant but I can’t find that thread suggestions anyone. Victoria

victoriaehmen I think you’re looking for this thread:

I TOTALLY agree with this thread, it is not your customers job to jerry rig work arounds with clients that are already sensitive to stress!! Update your software or continue to send your customers to your competitors who support ALL platforms and devices its 2021 not 1980.

I TOTALLY agree with this thread, it is not your customers job to jerry rig work arounds with clients that are already sensitive to stress!! Update your software or continue to send your customers to your competitors who support ALL platforms and devices. It is a given in 2021 that apple and safari users are key players in your market!!! 1980 thinking should be left in the…90’s.

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Thank you for your comment, @catknell. I completely understand your frustration and that it’s absolutely not your job to solve problems we encounter. We are working to solve these issues and are simply providing workarounds so that providers have a way to complete their actual job until we are able to solve the problem.

For weeks I have had the same problem with clients on iPhones being unable to hear me and needing to switch to FaceTime to have the session. There is a lot I like about Doxy. I have been using it since the start of the pandemic but it is frustrating that after all this time these kinds of tech problems are still happening. I am paying for a Hippa compliant platform and it is not appropriate to have to keep relying on FaceTime for client sessions.

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One of my clients cannot connect via video. Each time we try to connect , the hour-glass starts but then moves very slowly and never allows a connection. She is using an iPhone13 and Chrome. We have a session scheduled in the next few days and it must be using video! Please advise.

Hi @lifebrances, and for everyone else who may be reading this thread, I was in email communication with doxy.me, and they told me:

"This is being caused by an experimental feature Apple deployed with Safari 15. Doxy.me has exposed these errors to users who run into it in a banner message that also includes the link to the help article explaining how to disable the setting. We also have this issue being tracked on our status page.

If you can share this information with them or have them click the link that is on the banner message next time they run into the issue, they should be able to make the update to their browser so they can connect without the device blocking them."

I advised my clients who had been unable to connect, providing them with that link, which takes them to simple instructions to disable a setting on their iphone. My client did this several days prior to our next session, after which we were able to successfully have a video session on doxy.me.

NB. he did have some audio issues, saying he could barely hear me. I asked him to completely restart his iphone and I then ended the call, and while waiting for him to log back in, I also signed out and signed back in. Not sure which part of all that helped, but the audio was fine after that.

Thanks Katana! Appreciate your help. I hope this works.

Just got this from Doxy email (I have the same problems with patients on iPhone)…

Safari 15: Low Audio During Calls

An update has been posted

In a continuing effort to mitigate the low audio bug, we have found that following these steps helps resolve the issue during a call.

When the patient says audio is low:

  1. Copy this link and put it in your chat box: https://ccrma.stanford.edu/~jos/mp3/pno-cs.mp3
  2. Ask the patient to click the link. When they click it they will hear a piano sound AND the volume will increase.
  3. Ask them to close that tab and go back to the tab with doxy.me in it.
  4. If the camera stops (this may happen occasionally) ask them to simply turn the camera off and on again to bring back the video.
  5. The audio level should be back to normal now.
    Time posted
    Jan 11, 17:32 EST

You must have very forgiving patients as mine are already frustrated when I start suggesting these clicks and links and taking me much more time with the patient. :flushed:

Just got this from Doxy. With iOS 15.2 the known bug will be fixed! Can’t come fast enough! Have been switching patients to Zoom with nearly every iPhone/iPad call! Ugh! thumbnail (1)|477x500

wow thanks for tip but it’s all getting a bit overwhelming on top of seeing pts I have to be an IT specialist for doxy and my pt. not productive