Won't connect with client

Anyone else having an issue wherein you can see your client in the queue and connect with them via chat, but can’t start a call with them? I have one client in particular with whom this has routinely happened and they are, understandably, getting a little frustrated. When I try to start the call it takes a long time on the “finalizing call” screen and then just boots me back into the waiting room. Tech support recommended that my client use Chrome or Safari and clear their history, however I wanted to touch base to see if anyone else has run into this and what approaches you’ve taken to resolve it.


Using those browsers and clearing the cache can help. It may be worth a quick restart of the device as well prior to the meeting time. Have they tried another network as well, say if they are on wifi, can they try a cellular network, and if on cellular is there a wifi network to join briefly and see if it provides more success, if the patient is comfortable they are welcome to email support@doxy.me and we can try and assist as well. Also, try to check and see if the browser is up to date, usually Settings > About will tell you the version number and prompt it to check for updates.