Workflow! How Providers Coordinate Who Takes Appointment?

As a Customer Success Specialists I get a lot of questions from clinic providers asking how providers coordinate/communicate with each other when its time for a Provider to visit a patient.

I’m sure there are many practical and efficient ways to accomplish this. I know many Providers who would love to hear your ideas!

Out group used Microsoft Teams in our physical clinics, so we are continuing this process in our virtual clinics.

We are working out of the office doing telemedicine.
Orthopedics 1 doctor 2 PA’s
The doctor sits at his desk, I have an exam room, and next door is another PA with an exam room.
Because of our proximity to each other, we get up, and talk live to each other with face masks.
I do wish there was a feature on enabling the waiting room to ding, when a patient arrives, and for me to have a customized sound letting me know someone is trying to get in touch with me personally

I believe there is a feature to notify you when a patient checks in. If you go under Account settings and under notifications, it should give you that option. Unsure if that is also available in the free version but I doubt it.