Works Now With Windows and Others

Don’t know what changes were made whether with the software or Windows but Doxy now works with Windows 10 and other browsers without the former usual blocked notice of video. My mini iPad had worked consistently so I’ve been using that but may try Windows soon. A good development. I have an added webcam to the (old) HP laptop that I use and found that if Doxy can’t initially find the camera, removing the webcam’s USB and then replacing it works.

Hi Stanley. has always worked on Windows. Are you using Microsoft Edge as your browser by any chance? Only the newest version works with our technology, so if you were using an older version of that and then upgraded, that could explain what you experienced.

I use Firefox though had tried the other browsers with the same failure. It may be my add-on webcam or some recent Windows update. A built-in webcam and Ubuntu on another laptop worked OK though I’ve stuck with my mini iPad.


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