Xerox accessing my computer through Doxy without permission

I’m curious as to why Doxy won’t work on my computer without allowing Xerox access to my computer’s IP address.

PeerBlock doesn’t allow a list of corporations access to what I’m doing. But Doxy won’t run unless I turn off PeerBlock.

This doesn’t seem very trustworthy.

Thank you for posting, @mtiffanybwc. While I am not previously familiar with PeerBlock, after doing some research it seems that PeerBlock at its most basic level exists to block peer-to-peer (P2P) connections, including many that are not actually malicious according to what I found. allows providers to connect with patients via these P2P connections and that is most likely why you are unable to use effectively with PeerBlock enabled.

Do you have screenshots or examples of the errors you’re receiving from either PeerBlock or when you try to use the two together?

@mtiffanybwc Looking into the list of IP addresses shared via the screenshot, only the first octet (“”) is assigned to Xerox. This does not mean that Xerox is accessing your computer or has anything to do with the rendering of the platform. Xerox controls the Class A block and has essentially sub-leased,, and to AWS (Amazon) and Azure (Microsoft). Blocking the Class B block of IP addresses will 100% make unusable. The other IP address ranges will interfere with the function of the platform as well since they are used by servicer providers the platform relies on to function properly. These requests are trying to deliver content used to render the platform.